Truth; The Truth That Sets You Free

To be grounded in truth leads to the ultimate liberation of who you are; to fear truth is to fear who you are.

Truth; The Truth That Sets You Free

The concept of truth has always been around and has sparked numerous debates. Truth emerges everywhere, from religion to science, laws and even day-to-day living. The English word truth is derived, traced to old English and old German and intertwines with multiple languages, including old Norse and Proto-Germanic language: in most languages, it often denotes the quality of faithfulness, fidelity, sincerity, loyalty and in agreement with fact or reality. Currently, the widely used definition of truth is linked more to the cohort of being in line with fact or reality than the other aspects. The rise of scientific advancements has narrowed the definition to; a fact or belief accepted as truth. As much as some would try to categorize and break down the truth, its importance remains: as it is the very foundation and guide to sustainability.


Now, the existence of truth is not usually the issue for most; it is whether that truth is absolute or not. Absoluteness is ultimate, and thus this means that it can't change, and as such, it is constant, complete and sustainable. The concept of absoluteness for most does not exist because if it did, the implication would be dire. Even science does not deal with absolutes but only deals with approximate truths. Absolutes do not exist, as humanity has not invented the theory of everything just yet. The facts discovered are subject to change as there are always more discoveries. However, an issue arises when there isn't absoluteness in existence. To understand the gap when there is no absoluteness, we should understand why truth is significant to all of us.


Everyone wants to feel grounded; that is why there is always talk of truth, as what is better to ground us than what is constant, complete and sustainable? Consistency brings about sustainability; without consistency, we cannot have direction. On an atomic and quantum level, things like electrons exist in a state fine-tuned to specific properties like charge and mass; if there were any change whatsoever in such, the reality we experience would cease to be conducive for life. The fact that nature and reality have sustained life means its core is consistent and therefore built on truth. People work to ensure consistency in their life, which is why a stable and well-paying job is attractive for most people, as it provides financial sustainability. Consistency is so crucial that the economy deteriorated when gold stopped backing up paper money. It wasn't the concreteness of the gold that was crucial, but rather the gold represented consistency. The scarcity of gold is perfect in ensuring consistency as it can be relied on and trusted since it is pure, scarce and hard to recreate and thus won't change with the whims of power dynamics. We can trust its consistency in that aspect, making it a perfect medium of exchange.


Truth is not just about information; it is about using information the way one finds it; without distorting it with selfish motives, as such a distortion means to dictate and not to discover. In our individual lives, truth is crucial as we exist and have meaning and purpose; therefore, our existence is consistent. Even information about yourself has a meaning and purpose; to show you who you are. The slightest distortion of the information would mean embracing a lie in our internal system of being. Meaning and purpose alone cannot complete truth; it requires the will to use the information in its unchanging nature to sustain its core, being truthful. Truth being unchanging means nothing, nor can any being alter it. So, for there to be a truth, there has to be something that ensures it is constant. Another element has to exist; otherwise, all you have is information that you can do whatever you want to.


So, what would be needed to ensure the sustenance of truth in an unchanging nature? Something with no interest in changing the information is required; a guide with no selfish motive, something completely selfless. The guide would work to ensure that the being receiving that truth is selfless. Otherwise, there can't be a ground for existing, as existing requires balance and consideration for all meaning and purpose. Existence, therefore, cannot rely on controlling everything, as trying to control kills free will. Free will is choice, and choice has to exist if there is selflessness. Selflessness ensures the preservation of information the way it is, as the guide should not be self-seeking and promotes a nature that is as such. Such a thing exists; it is patient and kind; if so, it does not foster envy or boasting; if it does not envy or boast, it can't be arrogant or rude. All this means it won't insist on its own way, and as such, it won't be irritable or resentful. Due to all this, it can't rejoice in hurting meaning and purpose (evil/wrongdoing) but will delight in its preservation, endurance and sustenance as the truth. The guide is love.


However, even if this is the case, due to free will and the nature of love, of not insisting on its own way, there is no guarantee that one will accept the truth or reject it. Rejection of the truth is not necessarily the rejection of the information but is the rejection of love itself. Love completes the equation that allows the sustenance of information as truth. If you reject love, you reject the unchanging information, and by dismissing it as it is, you reject the truth. Consequently, this is why it is crucial to uphold love in everything. For example, a man can discover that a particular powder is explosive. So the man has information on the behaviour of the powder, therefore, can infer its meaning and purpose. If the man has motives fuelled by even the slightest bitterness, he will see it as an opportunity to use it for harm. He will use it to try and gain control and corrupt the information he has discovered. The surest way to know why that powder exists is to be selfless in yourself and your discovery. The powder might exist for nature and to serve nature in ways you are yet to discover. How would you know, let alone accept its true meaning and purpose, if you have embraced selfishness at your core? You cannot concur with the truth of its existence because you want to do something else with it. Not because one is curious but because one is selfish. Truth is fully understanding but knowing something is just partial information or knowledge. You can know in part, but you need to understand to gain the truth in its entirety. Knowing something means you have its information but not necessarily its truth. One can alter knowledge to suit selfish wants and evolve it into a lie if you are not patient and kind with the discovery process.


Lies are interesting as one can use them to build bubbles around their life. Bubbles here mean little containments we place ourselves in that serve a particular purpose; control. Lies are perfect for control as they allow one to dictate their life as they see fit, but sometimes our sight is lacking as we do not understand everything. The irony, however, is that one is free to choose whether they want something or not as they have free will. People can choose to put themselves in bubbles to gain a notion of control and thus do as they please, even if what they please may ultimately inflict harm on themselves. The bubble has no meaning as its base is not a truth; it thus only serves a purpose; to elude one into thinking they are ultimately free. However, you became a slave to lies embedded into the bubble, lies that have no meaning and only serve a purpose. When one embraces the truth, one cannot be in a bubble but willingly becomes a slave to the truth as you allow it to guide your choices by embracing its guide, which is love. You, therefore, embrace being patient and kind in all things.

When in truth, you are a slave to the truth, but truth gives you a choice; therefore, ultimately free to will your life as you please in patience and kindness, free from self-harm. Lies enslave people into believing there is no other way, while truth allows one to choose their way: a way in line with meaning and purpose. People in lies believe that the bubble will not pop and that the control they have built around them is enough. Going to the uncharted without control can be baffling, and one can opt to use reasons and explanations as a shield but will be void of truth. People not only have individual bubbles but group bubbles of perceived control. The bubble will always spread out by compounding lies to preserve it, especially when one or the group feels like something is threatening the bubble. "Unless I know everything, I am not sure of anything",- further driving the thirst for information. Knowledge is vital as it is information on existence itself, on interactions, on other beings and creatures, and on why we came to be. The issue has never been the search for knowledge but has always been the motive. How can one align with the truth if one can't break the individual and group bubble?


Truth exists for its discovery; it has no intent to hide. Selfishness goes against meaning and purpose and will never lead you to the truth. Control does not go well with selflessness and thus cannot be the way. The way of existence is to exist; for us to live, we need truth. Truth cannot and should not change; otherwise, it ceases to be true. Absoluteness is critical as it means no change in truth, but truth does not change; therefore, truth is already absolute. To accept the truth, one needs to not only kill the bubble of control around them but also abandon it to kill selfishness. Giving up control for most is difficult as there is an assumption that one will be helpless. The belief stems from the idea that you become exposed and vulnerable if you give up control. As a result, people fear the truth, as the first thing it requires from you is to be humble and trust that it will ground and liberate you. We are born with free will but lies corrupt our perception of it, which leads to the thinking that to be free requires control and lies.

Lies turn you into an enslaved person, but the truth will truly set you free, but the question is, do you desire the truth?