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Consciousness: Discovery or Dictation?

In a bid to want to dictate things, do we lie to ourselves that we attribute meaning and purpose?

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Individual Responsibility for Children by Children

The title 'Child' is crowned on all of us at one point. Are you still dragging mud or moving forward?

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Pornography; The Convergence of Societal Sexual Culture...

With the introduction of internet pornography societal sexual culture got a platform to thrive

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What Guides your Sexuality?

How has history and the sexual revolution influenced your sexuality?

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Morality; History not Learned

We delve into history, to highlight how dictating morality affects and shapes society

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Conundrum of Reality; My Purpose and Meaning

Our reality is made up of information, and without purpose, meaning and love, reality breaks down as there is no discovery of truth.

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What is Consciousness?

What is Consciousness? Is it distinguishable from Conscience? An exploration of intelligence, morality and the metaphysical to show...

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Belief Systems; A History in Evolution

Showcasing the impact of evolution theory ,science and religion on individuals beliefs, social structures and systems

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