IV. Ariana

A not so imaginary friend to the rescue

IV. Ariana

Adrian flew West towards the province of Tak. He drifted across the sky as the thought of Aran and his friends still lingered. The night sky was aglow with scattered bright lights from the houses below. Adrian gazed at the marvellous sight, now that’s art ...He thought, Looks like a beautiful painting from up here…dynamic…interactive…. realistic... Thailand is such a spectacular land, but man do I love Tak; With the waterfalls, wildlife and the vast forest, nature is more alive here.


He soon arrived at a small village and could see houses scattered along the riverside. Adrian sighed as he narrowed his hearing to a house at the edge of the village. Oh boy…they've started already. He arrived at the house: a small stone house with beautiful ornamental vines running around it. It looked well maintained. Such a beautiful house… but that’s all it is…a house…not a home.


Adrian phased through the door and was now inside the living area while still in another space pocket. As soon as he entered the house, he found a man and woman shouting at each other. The man pointing at the woman, and the woman in a defensive position, arms folded. Her body language says it all… contempt. 


“I told you, woman, never speak to me like that,” The man said.

Jamie… The Husband… is a fish farmer who has owned a small local fishing company for the last 10yrs… likes drinking… sadly is empty inside. 


“I will speak however I want! Can’t I share what I think, I will speak… I will not be controlled!” The woman said.

Patricia…The wife… a stay-at-home mom…. occasionally sells her vegetables at the local market…likes gossiping…sadly is empty inside. 


“I am the man of this house, and I demand some respect,” Jamie shouted banging his fist on the table.


 “Respect? I will give you respect when you start doing something respectful” Patricia said laughing.


Jamie looked at her, anger clearly showing in his eyes, he folded his fist. Oh boy. Adrian extended his aura and engulfed Jamie. Hopefully, it will calm him down a little… Adrian looked at Patricia, who was looking at Jamie with a look of disdain. Wow…you are actually hoping he hits you… you guys are getting worse; it wasn't this bad last time I was hereJamie slowly unclenched his fist, good man Jamie, there is still hope for you. Adrian withdrew his aura.


 “Just go get me some food, you can do that at least,” Jamie told his wife. Adrian sent his aura to Patricia. My aura doesn’t force anything… it just gives one more time to think about your reaction in a space that feels safe, as it has no malice… a safe space, one might say. Patricia did not say a word and left for the kitchen. Good, hope you guys can be a little cordial now…. Hopefully


Adrian had been visiting Jamie and Patricia for a while now, as he was assigned to help their family. He walked across the room, through a tiny corridor and into a small cosy room. The room had a small bed and a couple of handmade toys lying on the ground. 


Adrian was more focused on what was hiding inside the blanket. Oh, little one, it's all you can do right now… but don’t worry…you are not alone…I am here. 


Adrian walked and sat on a wooden chair beside the bed. He hadn't been around for a few months now. “Hello, Ariana,” Adrian said. The blanket was pushed aside to reveal a little girl, 11yrs of age.


 “Al is that you?” the girl asked. 


“Yeah, it’s been a while little one.”


 “Very long, I have missed you” The girl replied. She was smiling, though her eyes revealed she had been crying. She hugged herself as she sat upright on her bed to see Adrian face to face.

You see me even when in this pocket of space, what belief you have little one… belief in your imaginary friend. Adrian smiled.


“Well, looking after little ones like you, is part of my job, so you have a lot of brothers and sisters like me,” Adrian said. 


“That's nice,” The girl said looking down.


 “Why the long face?” 


“The fighting has been getting worse, mom started to yell at me more, and dad refuses to play with me, I feel so lonely… so when you said I have a lot of brothers and sisters…I just felt sad,” She said hugging herself tighter.


 “You are not lonely little one, you never really are...”


 It’s a lie from the world. There is so much that people do not know about themselves. Adrian thought.


 ” You have your parts to keep you company, remember what I taught you?” 


“I remember, it's just that I want them to stop…I miss them a lot,” She said.


 “I understand that very well,” He answered. “What do you miss about them?” 


“Woman, what kind of food is this?... Can’t, you cook a good meal anymore… do I have to hire a cook….” Adrian heard Jamie down the corridor. He spread his aura, masking the room from the voices making Ariana feel safer. 


“They want to fight again…” She said, pain clearly audible in her voice.


 “Do not worry about them, it is alright little one. Tell me what you miss about them.”


She looked at Adrian for a while, then said, “I miss how mum used to make dolls for me. She would always carry me around the house, saying I am her little carrot and how she could chew my face right up.” 


“Wow…sounds like you guys had a lot of fun.” 


“We did! One time we were cooking, and she chased me around the house trying to hit me with the flour,” Ariana was now smiling. “...Dad too, would make toys for me. We would make them together,” She continued talking about the happy moments she had with her parents. Her body language changed, using gestures to describe to Adrian her experiences. They laughed together as Adrian joined in the description of stories that fascinated Ariana. “...A happy eagle?” She asked. “I would want to be called happy, sounds nice.” 


Adrian chuckled, “Yes to be happy….is very good….it is to find peace.” 


“Peace…I think we haven’t had that here in a while.” She said facing the wall. “...What happened to them Al? I’m confused, I don’t understand."


“They are forgetting to love little one. Your father is a little rude, arrogant, and can be quick to anger at times…. Your mother struggles with resentment, forgiveness and can be a little rude, and  quick to anger. The issue is that they forgot to love themselves and therefore struggle to love each other.” 


“Yeah….and you told me love is very important…I should never lose it," The girl said, looking back at Adrian.


“Yes, little one, by holding on and trusting love, no matter how long it takes… you will be saved, and you won't get bitter.”


“What about them?” She asked meekly.


“That depends on them. You really cannot make that decision for them, neither can I, it's their choice to make.” 


They will be fine eventually; they are each other’s balancer… bonded partner…they just need to remind themselves of the qualities of love… I trust they will...Just as I trust you little one, that you will not allow bitterness into your heart.


“Are you going to stay?”


“Actually, I am going to be around for like a week,” he said

 I need to help you and your parents.


Ariana smiled as her own aura grew and radiated around her. Perfect little one, that’s a beautiful aura, one that has embraced love.


“Okay, Al….am happy…thank you.” 


“Have you eaten, little one?”


“Yes. Mom made delicious Rice with Massaman curry.” 


“That does sound delicious... now we can sing, then we go to the dream.”

Adrian sang a lullaby as Ariana covered herself in her blankets, holding her doll. When Adrian finished, he allowed himself to be pulled into the physical and tucked her in. 


“Al, will you pray with me, you know…for my parents before I sleep.”  


Adrian smiled and said, “Yes I shall 


 And I have been, little one. Thank you for holding on for those few months, thanks to you…now I can work.