III. Aran

Adrian impacts his wisdom to a group of young ones.

III.      Aran

Brazil was so much fun! The South American forest is such a wonder, Adrian thought. Too bad it's slowly disappearing, so sad. Adrian got lost in his thoughts again. He had been flying northeast and would have arrived at his destination sooner if Adrian hadn’t taken time to sightsee the jungles of Africa. 


Another magnificent forest, though not much of it is left..It used to be an expansive beauty, abundant and full of life but now… Adrian sighed, “A fragment of what used to be,” He said to himself.


Adrian arrived at his destination; Thailand, he had some business to attend to. As he was flying by, he heard laughter below him. What do we have here? Adrian thought, Are those human children? 


Adrian decided to get a closer look, he folded his wings, nosedived towards the direction of the children in the forest below. He had been flying 42000 feet above sea level. The descent created friction between him and the air particles warming the cold air around him. 


Adrian braced himself and suddenly spread his wings, decreasing lift and increasing drag, landing within a couple of seconds. Even with his unique body, Adrian felt the shock of instantaneously coming to a halt. It seems my body can handle much more than thisthat's good to knowwill speed up next time… his attention shifted towards the 4 boys playing with a ball.


“Ah! Young ones, your laughter and freedom has called me from above,” Adrian said while laughing. “Too bad you can’t see me,” Adrian stated intently observing the boys. Let’s see young ones, we have a 7yr old, 6yr old, 8 yr old and 10 yr old.


The boys played with a soccer ball in one of the clearings with long grass and scattered trees.  Wierd, why choose this particular place, are they attracted to nature? ... Let’s find out.


Adrian retracted his wings and pulled into the physical. The boys did not notice his sudden appearance into their space, not until the ball flew towards Adrian after being kicked. 


“Hello!” Adrian said. 


The boys looked at him, puzzled. “Where did you come from?” the youngest boy asked. 


 It’s always the young ones who are the most curious.


“I shall answer your question if you answer mine,...Why are you playing way out here?” 


“Coz, we like it here” The oldest boy answered. “Ah, why so?” Adrian asked. He looked at the other boys then replied, “I don’t know, we just like it here.” 


They just feel it and though not sure why… they trust their feelings.


“Beautiful!... Well, am here to say hi to a friend before I go.”


“What friend?” The boys asked.


 “The friend you love and feel like being closer to.” 


 “Huh?” The boys said, confused.


 “Let me show you,” Adrian went over to a tree, placed his hand on the trunk and closed his eyes. “Hello, old friend,” he said. 


The children looked at each other perplexed. Adrian was quiet, as if in a trance. After a few seconds, one child asked Adrian what he was doing. “ I’m talking to my friend, ” he answered.


“Your friend…your friend is a tree?” The oldest child asked laughing. 


“ No and yes...My friend is technically everything around you. My friend is the insects, the grass, the trees, the ground, animals, the air, water…My friend is nature,” Adrian was now looking at the boys.


“What??” The 7yr old asked, baffled. 


“If you were to look at an insect going about its day, what would you say it is doing?”


 “I do not know; they just eat other insects,” one child replied.


 “Yes, plus other things, what they are doing is serving, serving nature.” The children were quiet. “Sorry, they are nature’s helpers they help by doing different things.” I have to keep in mind they are just kids. “So, do the trees and vegetation,” he added.


 “The animals too?” The youngest child asked. 


“Yes!” Though some animals actually serve humans, and that is why they can develop a complex learning that gives them a form of consciousness, but that will just confuse them.


“But you were talking to it like it could talk back…” The oldest child stated.


 “Yes, it can talk back.”


 “How? I did not hear it say anything,” The youngest one asked.


“There are many ways of talking little one...Let me show you,” Adrian moved closer to the boy and stood in front of him. He glared at the boy, and suddenly the boy froze with horror on his face. Then Adrian stopped glaring and instead smiled. The boy was then able to move again.


“You see, I talked with my eyes and you reacted...You can talk with feelings, and energy, it’s just different.”  


“Wow!” exclaimed the young boy. 


That’s why people shouldn’t show fear or hostility to animals, they are communicating, and the animal will understand and respond.


“So, can nature talk like that?” The youngest boy asked.


 “Yes, young one.” 


 “Wow, I will try to hear it, and also talk to it,” The boy added. 


“That’s good,” Adrian commented.


You will probably stop when you get older and lose your belief to the world, too sad young one. 


The boy started to talk to nature, and the other boys joined him. “My name is Aran, what is yours?” However, Nature was quiet. “Why is she not answering, the boy asked turning towards Adrian, but Adrian was not there. The boys looked around, “Where did he go?” The youngest boy Aran asked.


Oh, I’m right here, you just can’t see me... Aran…what a lovely name, if I remember correctly, it means forest, maybe there is hope for you, will check-up from time to time. 


Adrian flew, slowly ascending, I wonder, would people care, it’s sad… No one has ever asked if nature is conscious.