Conundrum of Reality; My Purpose and Meaning

Our reality is made up of information, and without purpose, meaning and love, reality breaks down as there is no discovery of truth.

Conundrum of Reality; My Purpose and Meaning

In the world we live in, we face a lot of things that challenge us. Life is a puzzle for most; you think you have it figured out and try to grab it, but it escapes you like smoke in your hands. Many of us walk through life trying to figure it out, trying to live it. Living for most involves trying to establish/pursue a purpose and find meaning in life. 

The truth is our view of life is affected by society. Society is a group that has social structures, like family and schools, that influence our thought patterns and beliefs and, consequently, our view of life. It tries to show you your purpose and therefore meaning. 

The challenge is how successfully these structures guide us to true meaning and purpose. They may be dysfunctional, and we can unintentionally pick up and normalize the teachings as part of our existence. It can create a challenge as we may feel incomplete, like something is missing, as such a meaning and purpose is not sustainable because it is not the truth, often leading to maladaptive behaviours. So, is there a true meaning and purpose and how do we find it?

Physics has always tried to study the universe, including reality, which is the state of things as they exist. Over time physics has formulated theories on reality and how it is structured. Physics discovered two essential things from the years of study;

  1. Reality is made up of information 
  2. Reality is made up of geometry 

 So, what does it mean for reality to be made up of information and geometry? And how does this help us understand our true meaning and purpose?

Existence has building blocks that apply to every single thing that is in existence. Since existence is not only reality but life and how we live it, the first block presents as meaning.

Meaning is defined as what things clearly signify. Meaning in itself is embedded in existence. If I exist, I have meaning rooted in me. My meaning in itself is clear information about who I am. It is a fact that does not change. So, it's true to say that your meaning is in your existence and the fact that you exist, you have a meaning. However, meaning itself is not the only element in the building block as it goes hand in hand with something else, purpose. 

Purpose is the reason why something exists or the reason why something is done. Purpose is a derivative of meaning; you have to have meaning to have a purpose. Purpose, like meaning, is also found in my existence and is/has information about my existence.

So, we now have purpose and meaning as two building blocks of existence. They can't be separated because they are synonymous with each other. When one discovers meaning, one can derive the purpose of something, but it also holds: when you find true purpose, meaning can be derived. Purpose and meaning have/are information, which shows how reality is made up of information.

The information can be used in two ways, fully or partially. If purpose is attributed without the complete information, a problem arises; meaning cannot be comprehended, and it is lost. When meaning is lost, we end up with randomness as meaning becomes subjective to an individual. 

Purpose and meaning, two building blocks of existence, are part of the code of existence/reality/life/living. Randomness does not work well in building blocks/codes as meaning starts to break down.

The solution is to introduce another element whose sole purpose is to prevent subjectivity and the breakdown of meaning. The new element's role is to act as a guide to the true meaning and purpose. The guide promotes selflessness in the discovery process, leading to objectivity and consistency. It is to be selfless enough not to be subjective and consistent such that it does not change. If it doesn't change, it can be a constant that completes the building block of existence.

The constant/guide should exist from the smallest to the largest block, ensuring the information in purpose and meaning does not change. If you follow the guide, it encourages a selfless, patient and enduring nature of viewing and accepting things the way they are, leading you to the truth of existence. 

The only thing that makes sense to be a constant is the only thing that promotes such a nature; love. Not just any love, the love depicted in 1st Corinthians 13 4-7; Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way (not self-seeking); it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing (evil) but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

 Love is the third building block of existence/reality/life/living.

Love is not only a feeling people have; love is the constant in existence as it is not self-seeking. It is the guiding force for everything as it promotes objectivity in discovery. Love's consistent and selfless nature makes it perfect as it adds and removes nothing from purpose and meaning (Information/Knowledge) embedded in existence. 

One of the qualities of love is that it rejoices with the truth. Could this mean love and truth are two different elements? The answer is that love is in the truth because the truth is the complete picture of my purpose and meaning. It means that truth is the combination of purpose and meaning with love.

Truth is the ultimate knowledge; it can't be disputed as it is the truth. The truth is the judge, as it holds everything in Ultimate. Meaning and purpose without love are not sustainable as information is given in part and not as a whole picture. Information without love is a lie, as one will not have the patience and kindness to extract it as a whole. Could Social structures promote a false meaning and purpose, as they lack love? The truth is not many people accept love as part of existence.

Now then, how are all these linked to consciousness? (ability to identify, distinguish or attribute meaning as either good or evil)

Purpose and meaning with love are the truth, the knowledge embedded in existence that does not change. Choosing truth is correct as it leads to discovering the actual meaning and purpose of something: this is what is referred to as good.

Choosing to use the information without love, i.e., dictating a purpose and meaning, is wrong as it involves imposing a purpose and meaning onto something. This is what is referred to as evil.

Evil has no sustainability involved and eventually destroys true meaning and purpose, destroying being, states and existence. This is what good and evil mean; this is what morality is; this is what consciousness is.

Evil wants to dictate its own meaning and purpose, dictating from its own knowledge and values, from its own power, to become the ultimate being. Humans who seek to dictate sadly fall under this category as they are self-seeking, playing into hands they have no control over and don't understand.

Consciousness is the ability to distinguish between good and evil. Good and evil are choices to discover with love or dictate with no love. At the core of existence, there are only those two choices; therefore, only those two categories.

The building block of existence is a perfect triangle. Purpose and meaning exist in the form of a relationship, distinguishable but not separate from each other, guided by love, explaining why humans are social beings by default. Love is practised not only in relation to self but to others.



You will discover your true purpose and meaning if you practice the correct love(1st Corinthians 13-4-7), being patient and kind with yourself. Not only that, you will appreciate every ones' (things') purpose and meaning, not imposing your own, viewing them as perfect, as they exist the way they should be.

We as human beings are creators because we can discover, not dictate, the meaning and purpose of things and use that as a building block. As a consequence, we have the potential to experience everything we encounter fully but also partially. As with no love, we experience an incomplete picture as we are bound to dictate, that is, commit evil, as shown in our history, which we will discuss in our next article.


A story that cements purpose and meaning is Karl.