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The Niche

Human beings need to know that they matter and have an ultimate purpose, to find meaning in life. Without this meaning, life becomes purposeless and we risk being passive observers of it, counting down the seconds before it ends, or even driving ourselves into early graves. The reason is that no value is placed on the importance of living. 

Science has done a great job in improving human life, however, in its bid to understand the organic human, it laid its presidency to it, ignoring that humans are spiritual beings deeply connected to the metaphysical world. The fact that the metaphysical world proves problematic to explore objectively does not mean it is not a human constraint. 

Human beings need to be explored from all levels to promote holistic living that encourages healing, healthy social relationships and ultimately structures.

Our Core Belief

The understanding of what it entails to be human has been a passion of ours. Our belief is the conceptualization of humanity in totality drives healing on a larger scale and spearheads positive change in individuals. Understanding history is an integral part of the process as we get to the core of what went wrong and analyze to see if we have learned from our predecessors or are repeating the same mistakes. 

We believe in the power of information to drive significant change by evoking questions that challenge our belief system. We are born into structures, grow and learn from them, but how can we guarantee that what we take in is not toxic to the core of our existence. This statement may echo more to people who have grown up in dysfunctional systems, but it does apply to all humans. 

What We Do? 

The ConceptofBeing takes an unconventional approach to therapy by exploring concepts from a historical, philosophical, spiritual and psychological perspective to challenge belief systems that have caged the potential of humanity.

 The past is a reflection of the current and a doorway to the future. For every action, there is a reaction, and we acknowledge the decisions of the past have bore consequences that we live and breathe. The development, sustenance and collapse of functional and dysfunctional beliefs and societal structures, cannot be understood if historical evidence is shunned. 

So, we delve into the bedrock, deconstructing and reconstructing to help unleash potential by tapping into humanity’s ultimate meaning and purpose. Our role is to engage readers in unconventional debates and discussions that drive you to ask pertinent questions, leading you to a journey of discovery and ultimately growth.

The page has structured series that are interconnected to echo fundamental lessons embedded in and across time.

1. Conciousness and Morality Series

In the series, we share our discoveries of fundamental questions on consciousness that have not been answered, shedding light on concepts considered a mystery. We believe that the separation of consciousness and morality created a gap in understanding humanity.

Who We Are?

  • ConceptofBeing is managed by a group of psychologists and sociologist who are passionate about personal and societal change that is sustainable.
  • We have a Facebook and Reddit community that offers psychosocial support. We believe that the future is far too delicate not to try an act now. So, we urge you to join and feel free to ask questions as we explore the concept of being human. 

Our fascination with Stories

We believe in the power of stories to change the world. Stories are fascinating because they are not just a fantasy but are alive in people's minds and hearts, shaping usIt is for this reason that we publish stories and books here for our readers. 

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